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How It Works

Register and Order Supplies

Create a free account, select your storage room size, and order packing supplies (if needed). Packing supplies are delivered to your door, free of charge, or you can purchase your own supplies locally from a store of your choice. You won't be charged for storage until your items are picked up and delivered to your storage room!

Pack Your Belongings

Pack up however many or little boxes you'd like to store with us at your leisure. Make sure to protect fragile items with bubble wrap or packing supplies. It is very important that you properly assemble each box and tape it completely shut. We recommend not packing all heavy items in one box but rather distribute the weight of heavy and light items to ensure each box safely gets from your residence or office to our storage facilties and back again.

Schedule a Pickup

It is very easy to schedule a pick up with BoxMyPad. Simply log in to your account and schedule a pick up. You will be able to label each box you place in your storage room individually so that you can request back specific items later if you choose to do so. You can send additional items to your storage room later on or return the one item(s) that you want and leave the rest in storage!

Schedule Return Delivery

Returns couldn't be faster and easier for you to do. Simply log in to your account and select return delivery of any or all of your items in storage. Your items will be returned to you on the day of your choice.