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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Ordering Questions

Additional Questions

Can I use my own boxes for Shipping or Storage?

Yes, however we highly recommend that you use ours. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Many boxes that are sold over the counter are not as strong and reliable as our extra strength double wall boxes.
  2. We provide coverage up to $100 per item shipped or stored for FREE and you can declare a higher value at checkout. However, to be eligible for a damage claim, your belongings must be packaged properly. If a box or container that we did not provide rips, tears, crushes, etc. due to normal transportation and storage handeling your belongings may not be covered against damage. We guarantee all packaging that we provide and this is the best option to protect your items - even in the unlikely event of some type of damage occuring.

Don't take any chances - use our economical and professional packaging products whenever possible!

How do I place an order?

Placing an order with BoxMyDorm is easy! Click here to get started!

  1. Click "Place a New Order"
  2. You will be prompted for your log in information or have the option to create free account if you are a first time customer.
  3. You can select from one of our popular packages or pick and choose what you would like to store or ship.
  4. Once you have your items picked out, click the "Checkout Balloon" on top of the page.
  5. From there, follow our simple order process and you should be done in a minute or two.
  6. If you have any questions give us a call! BoxMyDorm Support 1-866-874-3527

When does my credit card get charged for storage?

We'll charge you for storage service once your items are picked up and delivered to your storage room.

Can I purchase additional declared value coverage?

You can purchase up to $10,000 of insurance at $2.98 per $100.

Remember each order comes with $500-$1,000 (6 & 12 box kit) free coverage.

But if you want additional coverage for that 1987 teddy bear from childhood for $2,000; who are we to judge?

What if I don’t know my next semester college address yet?

You can visit your account page over break and place in your new address for re-delivery.

What if my stuff doesn’t fit in boxes?

No problem. We can help you store or ship anything. We can send you a specialty box once we know the dimensiosn of your item. If you have miscellanoeus items to store or ship like a car we recommend giving us a call and our customer support specialists will assist you in placing an order.

What if I have a TV or electronic item and it doesn’t fit in your boxes?

We can send you a speciality box once we know the dimensions. Please call us to inquire.

What if I have a piece of furniture or room accessory for my room that does not fit in your boxes?

No Problem. We can send you specialty boxes or if it is too large to fit in any box we will help you decide how you want to store or ship your piece of furniture. Please give us a call to inqure and one of our customer support specialists will be glad to help!

How can I track my order once it has been placed?

You can log into your online account to check the status of your order. We have a fully automated system that lets you update an order, track an order, change your shipping and billing address, print labels, and purchase extra coverage.

When will I be billed?

We charge the total balance upon ordering service. This is fully refundable up to when the box kit ships to you. Once you are in receipt of the box kit, we refund your order less a $100 dollar cancellation fee for the box kit.

How can I become a BoxMyDorm Campus Rep?

Easy. You can check out our Campus Rep website at www.boxmydorm.com/campus-rep and email us a submission and we will get back to you right away and schedule a phone interview.

What items won’t be covered?

We cannot provide coverage on anything that fails to meet our packing guidelines and is a restricted item in our terms and conditions. If it is packed properly we have you covered.

Why don’t you cover boxes that are not provided by BoxMyDorm?

Because we are really smart. Some people use boxes lying around the house from 1999 (which are not very sturdy anymore), or purchase flimsy single wall boxes and expect us to deliver the boxes without damaging the contents.

The only way we can provide exceptional service is to make sure you use the best supplies available to date. We care about your belongings. We hope you won’t hold that against us.

What happens if I cancel an order?

Once you receive the box kit and you cancel an order, we charge you a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee. However, we let you keep the box kit and supplies. Each box kit has a retail value of $50 dollars plus the cost of us shipping it to you. We hope you understand.

Can I ship or store furniture?

Yes.You can also ship or store luggage and anything that fits in a hard case, like golf clubs, Guitars, surfboards, Skis, Bikes.

Can I ship or store electronics?

Yes. However, we recommend only shipping or storing electronic items that are in their original packaging.

How do I file a claim?

This is the one thing we take extremely seriously. If we let you down we will handle your claim right away.

Do the following and take a deep breath:

  1. Save contents and packing materials
  2. Take pictures
  3. Email us immediately at support[at]boxmydorm.com
  4. Relax. Most claims are handled within 15 business days

What Can’t I Ship or Store?

1. hazardous materials
2. firearms
3. items the possession of which is prohibited by any law or regulation of any federal, state, or local government of the United States
4. food
5. perishable item
6. liquid; or
7. any item expressly prohibited on Ship2School.com.

What is your Service Guarantee?

Please see our Customer Bill of Rights page

What is your economy service offering?

Our ecomony service offers great shipping and storage rates. Students utilize our self-drop off locations for this level of service. We know money is tight so we want to do our part and keep our prices as low as we can for you.

What is your white glove service offering?

Our white glove service offers great shipping and storage rates. This service offering is for students and families that want the white glove treatment at a reasonable cost. Our in room pick rate is $150 dollars and our in room re-delivery rate is $150 dollars.

What size are BoxMyDorm boxes?

24 inches long by 16 inches wide by 18 inches high giving you 4 cubic feet of space. Our super tough boxes are made of double-walled corrugated cardboard to better protect your belongings. While other boxes crumble, these help keep your belongings safe during transit.

How much does the Shipping Service cost?

Our ecomony shipping service starts at $22 dollars per box (24x18x16). We also offer white glove service where we will pick up and re-delivery into your room. You can mix and match by storing some boxes and shipping other boxes home. You can ship your belongings back to school as well if you'd like, We'll even supply a professional box kit.

How much does the Storage Service cost?

Our ecomony storage service starts at $7.50 dollars a month per box (24x18x16). We also offer white glove service where we will pick up and re-delivery to your room. You can mix and match by storing some boxes and shipping other boxes home. You can ship your belongings back to school as well if you'd like, We'll even supply a professional box kit.

What schools do you service?

We service over 2,151 colleges and universities in the United States for shipping and storage and we service over 235 countries with our shipping services. We are the one-stop shop for all your college shipping and storage needs 24/7/365

Where do I get my labels?

You can print your labels online through your account. Once you sign in, select the "Print Labels" option. For best results, we recommend using a laser printer (like the one in your computer lab). You can use an inkjet printer but please make sure the print heads are aligned and clean. We apologize however we cannot accept items with blurry or smudged labels.

Do you offer study abroad or extended storage?

Yes, we offer extended storage. If you are studying abroad in your Fall semester you can have your belongings stored until you return for the Spring semester. All of our rates are per storage term which we define as Summer, Fall, and Spring. To arrange for extended storage, simply let us know by selecting the option when scheduling your return delivery for your order. You will be billed for the additional storage term at this time.

Is your storage facility climate controlled?

Our storage facilities are climate controlled. Climate control means that the temperature of the storage unit is regulated. Climate controlled facilities will keep the temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius) in the summer and above 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) in the winter. The humidity level is kept below 65% to protect your stored belongings from mold and mildew.